Riverside Foundry Inc.

Committed to Quality

Riverside Foundry Inc is a leading non-ferrous sand-casting foundry in New Hamburg, Ontario celebrated for its dedication to impeccable craftsmanship and top-tier metallurgical quality. At the heart of Riverside's operations are its expansive facilities with 77,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Completely equipped with computer-controlled systems meticulously engineered to handle large production runs, this cutting-edge facility ensures unparalleled control and quality to accommodate medium to large-scale casting requirements across various alloys. Committed to fulfilling the expectations of our customers, we manufacture quality non-ferrous castings supported by technical services. With over five decades of experience, our seasoned professionals prioritize attention to detail, offering tailored guidance to optimize product quality.

Key Alloys

Key Base Alloys
  • non-ferrous Alloys
Alloys Poured
  • Copper Base Leaded: C83300, C83400, C83600, C84400 C86300, C86500, C87200, C87300, C87600, C87610, C90700, C92200, C95400, C95600
  • Copper Base No Lead: C87850, C89833
Alloys Poured
  • Aluminum: 319, 356, 535, 713
  • Zinc: ZA12
  • Other alloys may be available upon request
Riverside Foundry Image
Riverside Foundry Image
Riverside Foundry Image

Capabilites & Services

  • Hunter 10 Automatic Molding Machines
  • Airset Floor Molding
  • CNC Fully Machined Patterns, Coreboxes & Trim Dies
Casting Size & Weight


  • Casting weight from .1 lbs to 10#
  • Weights below and above also available
  • Size of Hunter plate 14x19


  • Casting weight – up to 100#
  • Size: up to 30x40
Value-Added Services
  • T5/T6 Heat Treating
  • Machining

Our Certifications

Riverside Foundry Certifications

Industries Served

  • Fire Suppression and Safety (sprinklers, valves, hydrant components)
  • Water (faucets, nozzles, plumbing components)
  • Electric (transmission components)
  • Gas (meter components, valves)
  • Transportation (oil pump components, off road vehicle components, hinges, latches
  • Plaques (memorial and dedication)

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Riverside Foundry Inc.
55 Hamilton Rd
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N3A 2H1, Canada

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